Dei La'Onda Cane Corso

"The People's choice in Italian Mastiffs! Producing proven family guardians!"

Dogs have always been an important part of my life. From childhood to adulthood, I have always been around dogs. Some of the breeds I have experienced throughout my life were GSDs, Pit-Bulls, Boxers, and even the occasional Mongrel. My father and grandfather both played an important role in instilling the desire to one day become a zoologist. All though that was a dream, I find myself one step closer to becoming one now. By nature I am pretty laid back, not skittish or overly dominate, but somewhat aloof. I always take in what is said; access a situation before jumping in. I'm patient and understanding to others needs. I feel most comfortable around family and friends whom I love, all qualities that are found in the Cane Corso Italiano as well. I was raised by a distinct set of family values and morals, which were both influenced by my Lord's teachings, my beloved family, and the harsh environment of the streets I grew up in.

My journey to the Cane Corso Italiano began after my experiences with the greatest dog pound for pound, the American Pit-bull Terrier. I wanted to find a breed that would best fit my nature, something that had the courage of a Pit-Bull Terrier, while still having the size of a molloser breed. As a child, I came across a gazette at a friend's house, where I found a magnificent picture of what I initially thought to be an oversized Pit-bull. I was wrong; the picture in the gazette was my first glimpse at a Cane Corso. My friend's grandfather had recently returned from their homeland of Italy to the Pied Street Market. It was my friend's grandfather who introduced me to his beautiful Mastino Napoletanos he had brought back from the "old country". I showed him the picture that had captivated me, and he told me that the dog in the picture was a lighter version of his dogs. So off to the backyard I went. I was impressed at how these beautiful dogs had so loudly alerted their master of my coming. Very boldly barking at me "HELLO", and "Where do you think you are going? Until my master comes back here, this is as far as you go." Shortly after my friend's grandfather died his family moved back to Italy. I was a teenager then, but never forgot the dog in the magazine, or the experience of meeting a Mastino Napoletano in person. I loved their attitude and wondered if their distant cousins were just as bold, because I would not own a dog that was afraid for themselves, destructive, untrustworthy, or a complete cur. My dog needed to be stable, social, and affectionate with humans and other animals unless told otherwise. A good old farm dog, much like my own grandfather's when he was in the south; a dog that could patrol our land, mingle with the family, but always alert to danger. Thus, I sought out the Cane Corso!