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Show and Working Cane breeders_ Top Cane Corso females_ Italian Mastiff s.
Allevamento Cerberus And Dei Dauni's Medusa
Sire: World CH Cerberus Paco                 Height: 26"
Dam: RIP CH Cerberus Dauna                 Weight:125lbs
Top Cane Corso female.
We have owned Medusa since 2003. She is now 11 yrs old in these photos and still going strong. She is a littermate to Dei Dauni's Maira.She is also a half sister too Dei Dauni CH Conan.

She is the mother to RUS CH ,BLR CH, SRB CH Nerone  Allevamento Dell' Antico Cerberus whom is the father of Rothorm's Imperial Royal Flash ,and she is mother too Aaron Dell 'Antico Cerberus.

She is also grandmother to La'Onda's  Benanno, La'Onda's My Brothers Keeper, La'Onda's CH Dallas, La'Onda's All Eyes On Me, Scandifio's CH Grock  Butcher. She can be found in the pedigrees of many elite Cane Corsi in the US, and Italy.
La'Onda's_ Proof of Life
Cane Corso female

Sire: Vignola's CH Guappo                                  Height: 26"
Dam: Cerberus an Dei Dauni's Medusa             Weight: 125 lbs

La'Onda's Proof of Life is littermate to Scandifio's Davincci, who was breed and whelped here at La'Onda. Davincci is the sire of Scandifio's Supreme Grand CH Grock Butcher and Dual CH Gabanna. She is the mother of La'Onda's Massara's Sal co-owned with Chris of Massara's Cane Corsos. She is amoungst the top Cane Corso females. Best brood bitch.

La'Onda's _All Eyes On Me
Cane Corso female

Sire: Rivale's Mackiavelli
Dam: La'Onda's Proof of Life
She is personal protection train.
Height: 25"
Weight: 100 lbs

color- black brindle cane corso female 

La'Onda's_ Celia
Cane Corso female

Sire: Scandifio's CH Nino
Dam: Vawjanae's Jada Chase 
She is a great example of what a Scandifio's CH
Nino daughter should look like
Height: 26"
Weight: 132 lbs

color-fawn cane corso female

La'Onda's_ Blood Diamond  
Cane Corso female

Bodyguard's_ La'Onda _of  York 

color- blue She is a niece to Body Guards Mufassa   First CaneCorso in the USA with Sch3 title

La'Onda's Blood Diamond:
A daughter of La'Onda's All Eyes On Me
Grand daughter to La'Onda's Proof Of Life
color-black cane corso female

La'Onda's_ Headliner
Daughter of La'Onda's Proof of Life