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Our Sires are available for stud to approved and registered Cane Corso only. The bitch must have blood work, brucellosis & herp test. All paper work must be within proper dates of testing. If it is not, the bitch to be sired will not be bred natural, but by AI.
Scandifio & Vintage Sisco Dei La'Onda !!!!!!!! Is the father of current 2X working dog of  the  year La'Onda's  Scandifio's Damian SCH 3 French Ring Bervet

Sire: Vignola's Tito
Dam: Scandifio's Lexus Gold
He is the father of P-fields Secret whom was bred and whelped here at Dei La'Onda Cane Corsos.


Bred by:
 Rachel & Jacqueline Ashby
Cane Corso top stud dog.

Sire: Scandifio and Vintage Sisco dei La'Onda
Dam: La'Onda's Proof of Life

He is  personal protection trained
Bonanno is a littermate to La'Onda's  Massara's Sal.Sal is co-owned  with Chris of Massara Cane Corso, but was bred and whelped soley by: 
Dei La'Onda Cane Corso
Cane Corso dog.
La'Onda's_ Bonanno
Cane Corso stud dog

La'Onda's_ My Brother's Keeper
Cane Corso stud dog
Cane Corso dog.
Sire:Rivale's Mackiavelli
Dam: La'Onda's Proof Of Life
He is a grandson to Cerberus an Dei Dauni Medus as well as Rivale's Mojo.

"CH" La'Onda's _Blue Ridge Dallas
Cane Corso stud dog
Sire: Rivale's Mackiavelli
Dam: La'Onda's Proof of Life

Cane Corso stud dog
Co-Owned with the Campbells whom I have a great deal of admiration
But breed and whelped here solely by La'Onda.

Tiberio_ del _Velabro
Cane Corso blue stud dog
Cane Corso stud dog.
Sire: It CH Bazo                        Height: 26"
Dam: WD CH Folgore             Weight: 125lbs
He is the grandson to Dei Daun jr World CH Nestore