Dei La'Onda Cane Corso

"The People's choice in Italian Mastiffs! Producing proven family guardians!"

Our Cane Corso Molosser dogs are fearless enough to take down a Lion, as loyal as one is to him or herself, with the beauty of love and grace.

Top quality Cane Corsos! No show lines, No working lines, No import lines, No 100% Italian bloodlines, No 100% American lines. Just an all around phenomenal true, robust, and rustic Cane Corso, the elite of the dog world. One that should look the part as the standard requires, but most of all effectively guard and protect it's home and family.

Dei La'Onda is a reputable Cane Corso Italian Mastiff dog breeder that has an incontrovertible lifetime health and temperament guarantee.

Feel free to check out our website, just be advised it is still under construction.