"The people's choice, producing Molosser protectors of  the world."  
Top working Cane Corso breeders_ Top working Cane Corso dogs _ Reputable Cane Corso breeder.
La'Onda Cane Corsos are proud to be the  first Cane Corso breeders in  America, to produce  a  Cane Corso with a  French Ring title of  Bervet.
with  a  score of 91.75  La'Onda's Damian.
La'Onda's Damian 2x CCAA working dog of  the year.He is the current CCAA working Dog of  the year, as-well as the Sacci SE regional working dog of the year !!
Our  Cane Corso Molosser dogs are fearless enough to take down a Lion,as loyal as one is to him or herself, with the beauty of love,and the stableness of  grace.
  Top quality Cane Corsos , no show lines,  no working lines,no import lines,no 100% Italian bloodlines;  just an all around phenomenal true old  robust rustic Cane Corso the elite of dogs .That should look the part as the standard  requires. But most of all guard , and protect it's family. These requirements are  a  must in order to have a immutable  in Cane Corso quality dogs.Dei La'Onda is a reputable Cane Corso Italian Mastiff   dog breeder that has an incontrovertible lifetime health and temperament guarantee.The Cane Corso  is one of the top  favorite Molosser breeds .

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